Welcome to your NCLEX RN DHA HAAD MOH PROMETRIC Online Exam by Nursses Note

The nurse is ready to begin an exam on a nine-month-old infant who is sitting quietly on his mother’s lap. Which should the nurse do first?

An appropriate nursing intervention for the client with borderline personality disorder is?

Which of the following describes the language development of a two-year-old?

Which of the following can occur with the frequent use of calciumbased antacids?

To correctly assess the oxygen saturation level of an adult client, the pulse oximeter should not be placed on the:

The nurse is preparing a client with an axillopopliteal bypass graft for discharge. The client should be taught to avoid:

The nurse has just received the change of shift report and is preparing to make rounds. Which client should the nurse assess first?

The nurse is caring for a client following a cerebral vascular accident. Which portion of the brain is responsible for changes in the client’s vision?

A client is admitted to the hospital in chronic renal failure. A low protein diet is ordered. The rationale for a low protein diet is that:

When assessing the client’s blood pressure, the nurse should use a cuff with a width that is ____% of the circumference of the extremity.

The physician has ordered atropine sulfate 0.4milligrams IM before surgery. The medication is supplied in 0.8 milligrams per milliliter. How much medication should the nurse prepare to administer?

A client is being monitored using a central venous pressure monitor. If the CVP is 1 cm of water, the nurse should:

In preparation for the removal of the client’s chest tubes, the nurse should instruct the client to:

Which one of the following lab tests should be done periodically if the client is being maintained on warfarin sodium?

Which measure helps reduce nipple soreness associated with breastfeeding?

An obstetrical client decides to have epidural anesthesia to relieve pain during labor and delivery. Following administration of the epidural anesthesia, the nurse should monitor the client for:

The nurse is caring for a patient following a thyroidectomy. Which of the following is an early symptom of hypocalcemia?

The nurse is teaching about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Which of the following would be most important?

The patient is prescribed metronidazole (Flagyl) for adjunct treatment for a duodenal ulcer. When teaching about this medication, the nurse would include:

Which is true regarding the administration of antacids?



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