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Which explanation to the client by the nurse regarding the use of antibiotics is best?

During a visit to the physician’s office, a client complains to the nurse that the physician would not prescribe an
antibiotic for a head cold.

When teaching the client about topical nasal decongestant sprays, the nurse should warn that overuse of such medication is likely to result in which adverse effect?

When the nurse is teaching a client to self-administer nose drops, which method is most effective?

Which specimen collection technique should the nurse use to correctly obtain the throat culture from the client?

The physician orders a throat culture for a client with pharyngitis

When the nurse obtains the nasal swab, which action is most accurate?

A nursing home resident is admitted to the hospital; in accordance with hospital protocol, a nasal swab is
obtained to screen for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

When caring for a client with allergies, which nursing assessment finding is an early indication that the client is developing anaphylaxis?

Which nursing assessment is most important when caring for a client experiencing a severe allergic reaction?

The client experiencing a severe allergic reaction becomes pulseless. The nurse shakes the client, shouts the client’s name but gets no response, and activates the emergency medical response system. Which nursing action becomes the next priority?

Which household measurement should the nurse use when teaching the client how to self-administer the prescribed amount of liquid cough syrup?

Which nursing action is essential before the chest X-ray is taken?

Which time of day is best for the nurse to obtain a sputum specimen from the client?

Which assessment finding indicates that the client has most likely developed pleurisy as a result of the pneumonia?

Which finding best indicates that the sponge bath is having a therapeutic effect on the client?

How long after administering a tuberculin skin test should the nurse inspect the client’s injection site?

What is the significance of a positive tuberculin skin test?

Which position is best for the client to be in while the nurse prepares to assess breath sounds?

An adult client who has had asthma since early childhood comes to the emergency department in respiratory distress.

Which side effect can the nurse expect when the client receives aminophylline (Truphylline)?

How should the nurse position the client while undergoing a thoracentesis

Which assessment finding indicates that air is leaking into the tissue around the victim’s chest tube insertion site?

When suctioning the airway of a client with a tracheostomy, the nurse applies suction for no longer than how many seconds?




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