Welcome to your NCLEX RN DHA HAAD MOH PROMETRIC Online Exam2

    Which information is most important for the school nurse to obtain from the client initially?

    A high-school chemistry student is sent to the school nurse after being splashed in the eyes with a chemical

    When the nurse reviews the client’s health history, which symptom is directly related to the development of cataracts?

    The nurse is assigned to care for an older client who has bilateral cataracts

    When the nurse inspects the client’s eyes, which clinical find?ing is most indicative of cataracts?

    The nurse should instill the eye drops into which part of the client’s eye?

    One hour before surgery, the nurse instils eye drops as per the physician’s orders

    Which common characteristic of open-angle glaucoma is this client most likely to report?

    A nurse is assigned to care for an older client with chronic open-angle glaucoma

    If the physician wants to check the client’s intraocular pressure (IOP), which instrument should the nurse have available?

    The nurse prepares to assist the physician during the client’s

    Which symptom related to the chronic progression of untreated glaucoma will a client most likely report to the nurse?

    Which assessment finding is commonly noted when the intraocular pressure (IOP) of a client with angle closure glaucoma becomes dangerously high?

    When the nurse assesses the client’s operative eye after surgery, which fi nding is most expected?

    Once the intraocular pressure has been temporarily reduced, the physician performs an iridectomy on a client with angle-closure glaucoma

    Which of the following would be the most appropriate action for the nurse to take when applying eye patches to the client?

    The nurse applies patches to both of the client’s eyes, as instructed by the physician

    On the basis of the anatomic changes in the tone of the eyelid, the nurse would expect the client to experience which problem?

    An older client’s lower eyelid margins droop outward, exposing the conjunctival membrane and the lower portion of the eye.

    Which instrument is most appropriate for the nurse to use to test a client’s hearing acuity?

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    If a client who has recently experienced diminished hearing takes medications from each of the following drug categories, which one is most likely to have affected the client’s hearing?

    When instilling prescribed medication into the ear of an adult, which is the correct technique for the nurse to use to straighten the ear canal?

    After instilling medication into the client’s ear, which nursing instruction is most appropriate?

    Which other assessment finding is most indicative of an infection in the external ear?

    When inspecting a client’s ear, the nurse finds that the ear canal is red, swollen, and tender. The tympanic membrane is intact.

    If a client with a middle ear infection reports the following symptoms, which one is most indicative that the infection has spread to the inner ear?

    When the nurse prepares the client for the myringotomy, which statement best explains the purpose of the procedure?

    Because of repeated episodes of otitis media despite antibiotic therapy, the physician intends to perform a myringotomy on the child with a middle ear infection.

    When planning the child’s discharge, what nursing instruction is most appropriate for the nurse to provide the parent concerning the cotton ball in the client’s ear canal?

    How should the client be positioned for the first 24 hours after a stapedectomy?


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