AIIMS Nursing Officer Previous Question Paper Mock Test


    Welcome to your AIIMS Nursing Officer Previous Question Paper Mock Test

    Maximum time of hand hygiene

    Maximum & minimum score of GCS are:

    The side effect of chloramphenicol is?

    Needle gauge preferred with Blood Transfusion is

    Which of the following is correct series of labor

    Neonates compression ventilation ratio

    Percentage of burnt perineum is ?

    Birth weight quadruple by?

    The height of neonate doubles by?

    SSPE is complication of which disease?

    The term decrease number of RBC is

    Placenta implantation abnormality placenta implanted deeply into myometrium

    Which antiepileptic given by intranasal Route?

    All are the signs of good Breastfeeding attachment except.

    Intramuscular injection angle is

    Which congenital cardiac defect does not cause heart failure?

    Second dose of DPT site of injection

    Iron dextran given by which route

    Following are the parameters of anthropometry, Which of the following is age independent anthropometry factor:

    Abscess and lump in right breast infected fever postpartum care?


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